Vanna White Reveals The Craziest Things Winners Do With Their Prize Money

Wheel of Fortune is a great TV standby for some watchers in America. In any case, for its prize-winning contenders, the opposition can have extraordinary outcomes.

Pat Sajak and Vanna White commenced their 35th commemoration period of the longstanding arrangement Monday. To commend the $250 million in real money and prizes the show has granted in its 35 year history, its cohosts are shooting a month of Disney-themed scenes and delving into their vault of letters from thankful past contenders to share their stories.

“We had one lady [who told us] that they received a kid. Also, obviously they’d send the photos [with] ‘Here’s the tyke I embraced,'” White tells PEOPLE. “It’s exceptionally endearing to see those letters come, by they way it has influenced such huge numbers of individuals.”

White includes that different couples utilize their prize cash for weddings, or utilize the excursions they won for their special first nights.

“We have made many individuals cheerful,” says White. “Individuals pay off their understudy credits, they purchase their first homes, they go on special nights, they purchase autos that they’ve never had. So it changes many individuals lives.”

“One person won a fresh out of the plastic new auto, and he swung to Pat [Sajak] and he said ‘I don’t need to take the transport any longer,'” says White. “So that was something.”

White likewise says a few contenders have utilized the cash to help other people. “We’ve had other individuals that have taken the cash and have begun philanthropies, or have helped associations that assistance other individuals, not simply themselves,” she says.

Three weeks this season were taped at Walt Disney World Resort’s Epcot Theme Park, which is additionally praising its 35th commemoration — a matching Sajak discovers fitting.

“It’s similar individuals watching our show [and Disney’s]: they’re grandmas, and they’re kids, and they’re grandkids. It cuts crosswise over ages,” Sajak says. “It’s something you can do together as a family.”

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